Daniel Milner Wins 2013 Australian Four Day Enduro

Daniel Milner has gone back-to-back winning his second consecutive Australian Four Day Enduro as the fourth and final day wrapped up in Harvey, WA.

On board his factory CDR Yamaha YZ250F, Milner overcame an intense battle across the four days to win with a comfortable one minute margin after the final motocross test was completed today. His outright victory was hand in hand with his class victory in the E1 division.

Matt Phillips finished third Outright at the 2013 A4DE.

Chris Hollis (Motorex KTM Off Road Racing) finished second while Husqvarna’s Matt Phillips won the E2 Class Final Moto on his TE 310 R, putting on a commanding display and beating second placed Chris Hollis by 13 seconds. Phillips posted the fasted time of the days racing, securing Husqvarna a 2nd in E2 class and 3rd Outright after 4 days of racing.

Daniel Milner: “I’m so happy right now. It was a real battle for the whole event as there were a lot of top quality riders here and I had to be at my best the whole week to get the win. I put in a huge effort on day three to really get a bit of a break so it didn’t come down to a winner take all fight in the final motocross test. I was able to win most of the tests and get a gap on the guys so I felt really good coming into today and I just had to use my head and not do anything stupid.

“To win this again and this time with a team as awesome as the CDR Yamaha crew is unreal. They have provided me with the best team and environment I have been involved with and my bike has just been amazing all week. I look forward to having a beer with all of them tonight.”

Matt Phillips: “With too big a gap to close on Milner in the lead of E1 and over a minute to third place McCormack behind me I was just looking to consolidate second in E1 and  fourth Outright in today’s Final Moto. It wasn’t to be though, nursing my injured leg and running right where I needed to be I had a bolt come loose at the half way point of the Final Moto which ultimately caused a DNF. I was able to push the bike across the finish line, 3 laps down. A disappointing end to a tough 4 days, I just want to thank all the PFG Husqvarna team for all their effort throughout the event.”

Josh Green and Tom McCormack (Active8 Yamaha team) had an exceptional week with riders, Josh Green and Tom McCormack, finishing inside the top five outright and on the podium in their respective classes.

Over four days of competition and 26 special tests, the Active8 Yamaha team were in contention right from the get go and proved to be a formidable team as the event wore on.

Tom McCormack impressed with a top 5 outright result.

Tom McCormack recorded his best four day result yet taking second place in the E1 class on board his YZ250F and fifth outright in the 235 rider field. McCormack went about his business all week taking several top three special tests finishes as he climbed up the leader board. He was a low as ninth at the half-way stage but continued to take up the fight and motored home with purpose on the final two days.

Tom McCormack: “I had a goal this year to finish top five in the A4DE and I’m stoked that I have been able to do it,” McCormack explains. “I had a couple of ordinary special tests where I crashed and lost some time but I just kept focus, kept trying to ride my best and I was able to get back up near the front. My bike and the team have been awesome this week. Having AJ there to help and assist me as been unreal and this is a team result as we all put in the work together.”

Josh Green on his way to fourth outright.

Josh Green has had a huge month of racing culminating in fourth place outright finish and third in class. Green has come off a good result at Finke, a win at Hattah and now another impressive result in Harvey.

The likeable Yamaha rider has proven to be as fast as he is versatile and he again put his WR450 in the thick of the battle during the A4DE and managed another sensational result.

Josh Green: “I’m pretty happy with how things went this week. There was nothing mind blowing but it was a really consistent ride all week and I was inside the top five pretty much from the start. It has been such a busy month for me and the team as we have been racing all over Australia. I’m exhausted now but content with how I have gone recently. The team have been amazing and AJ continues to give me exactly what I need to get things done.

Husqvarna’s Glenn Kearney had a disappointing day. He started the Final Moto confident to lock down second in the E1 class and fourth Outright on his TE 250 R. Still nursing an injured ankle from a crash on day 3, Kearney showed his strong will and steely determination maintaining an impressive 8 second gap to the leader before a very unfortunate incident caused him to DNF, with only a few laps to go.

A4DE – Final Standings – Outright
1. Daniel Milner -01:56:55.123
2. Chris Hollis – 01:58:07.770
3. Matthew Phillips – 01:58:22.711
4. Josh Green – 02:01:38.231
5. Tom McCormack – 02:02:09.824
6. Peter Boyle – 02:02:28.438
7. Lachlan Stanford – 02:02:47.089
8. Stefan Merriman – 02:02:47.156
9. Ben Burrell – 02:03:11.180
10. Ben Grabham – 02:03:20.999

 E1 (Under 250cc)
1. Daniel Milner
2. Tom McCormack
3. Peter Boyle

 E2 (251-450cc)
1. Chris Hollis
2. Matthew Phillips
3. Josh Green

Credits: Four oh Four

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