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  1. I bought the 2019 Xmax 300 based only on other reviews. Yamaha didn’t have any floor stock anywhere which is wrong. Prospective buyers must at least be able to sit on a bike/scooter pre purchase. Quite simply the geometry of feet forward floorboards is totally wrong and if I was able to test ride it, wouldn’t have bought it. This combined with a high seat height makes it sort of awkward. I’m 175cm but barely able to tip toe the ground. Apart from the above, the machine is absolutely brilliant. Looks great, goes even better, smooth easy riding accept being able to properly stretch your legs out. Modify the seat then ok. Plenty of power and fuel consumption is ridiculous for a 300cc engine with this performance. Currently returns 39 kilometres per litre at legal hwy speeds. That’s almost 150cc consumption and it’s still getting better. Picking the scoot up I had to ride 180ks home and on the Bruce Hwy couldn’t sit at run in speeds/revs. Hence the motor was run in at much higher than suggested revs. Changed engine oil at 500ks for full synthetic, then at 1,000,3,000 & 6,000 ks. I also put 25mls of Morey’s Upper Cylinder lube in every tank of fuel and every 1000k fuel consumption gets better but should be leveling out now. At 39ks per litre I’m wrapped, almost enough to forget about the seat height and leg room. It is very comfortable to ride but it would be nice every now and then to put your feet forward, properly. Enough said of that. Could do with blinkers in mirrors. Screen actually works but could be a bit higher in standard position. Not overly sure about the smart key system but disappointed Yamaha only provide one smart key device. Maybe a daylight running light instead of having both headlights on? Come on Yamaha, you can build the perfect scooter with slightly better foot positioning and a 25mm lower seat height

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