Vintage two-strokes and longboards

Deus ex Machina has made a cool video about a young Indonesian man who rides vintage two-stroke motocrossers and a big single-fin Deus board. Cool.  


Guntrip: Closing time

It’s Sunday morning. Outside the sun is shining, and I can hear groups of bikes moving west on the highway on the first leg of whatever recreational loop they’re taking. I won’t be joining them. I haven’t been out for a few Sundays now, and I can’t quite see one in the near future. […]


BMW’s GS Safari Enduro Wrap-up

From stark, wide-open expanses to the rugged gorges and rocky riverbeds of Arkaroola, this year’s BMW GS Safari Enduro had it all. Around 100 riders from all corners of the country, as well as several […]

Motorcycle News

Vietnam Tour Itinerary

Hi guys and girls, this post is to give you a quick update on the Vietnam tour itinerary. If you are interested in joining us on the tour, make sure to get in contact with […]


Back to ‘Nam

“THIS tour is usually what we recommend for second time tour participants”, said Jason Thatcher of Vietnam Motorbike Tours. He went on to add, “the tour you did a couple of years ago is aimed […]