Yamaha’s MT-07 LAMS bike now comes with ABS

Yamaha announced in a press release yesterday that the LAMS approved MT-07 will now come with ABS and there will also be a higher output version coming to Australian shores.

The major difference of the high output MT-07 model is that it will appeal to more experienced riders. The engine capacity, which is up 34cc to 689cc produces 75 horses and therefore makes it ineligible for the LAM scheme. What the model does allow for riders who are out of the scheme is access to the same sweet handling the MT-07 has become renowned for, while unleashing that little bit extra for riders who may not feel up to riding an MT-09 or MT-01 just yet. The MT-07 HO is being offered in one colour called Race Blu, it features the same running gear as the MT-07LA but unfortunately does not come equipped with ABS.

The MT-07 LA (ABS) model will offered in four colours, Competition White, Matt Grey, Deep Armour and Extreme Yellow will replace Lava Red.
Yamaha's new MT-07LA now comes equipped with ABS brakes as standard

The MT-07LA is priced at $9599 RRP. The MT-07HO is priced at $9999 RRP (inc GST. We’re not sure whether that’s ride away just yet.)

Cycle Torque thinks the perfect companion to the MT-07HO would have to be the full titanium Akrapovic exhaust system to shed a bit more weight, sound awesome and offer a little bit more performance yet again. To be on the safe side, we also reckon a set of crash sliders would come in handy on both models, particularly new riders to the MT-07LA. You can find more information on Yamaha Genuine Accessories here and you can find out more info, including specifications on both models on the Yamaha website.

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