World title win for Braaap

It was payday for Arizona born professional rider Michael Blose who raced his braaap motorcycle to another championship, leading start to finish on his 190cc braaap.

braaap founder Brad Smith rode his braaap to a 4th place finish in the world title race.

“I am so proud of our whole team and of course Michael for showing what a braaap motorcycle can do,” Smith said.

“On a personal level I’m pumped on finishing 4th in the world title race. This event pays prizemoney which attracts a heap of professional riders, has hundreds of up and coming amateur riders and the track is inside a stadium full of screaming fans of our sport, so to see our brand and our bikes shine makes all the hard work worth it.”

The MiniMotoSX has been running for 10 years, inside the New Orleans Arena, Las Vegas. The stadium holds 5,000 fans and each year the race attracts up to 500 riders who enter attempting to qualify for the 20 positions in the World Final.

A professional rider can walk away with $4500 if they can win everything on the night, the racing is Intense.

“It’s a mixture of Supercross and BMX, Supercross because we are doing big jumps on a mad made track inside a stadium and BMX because the racing is close thanks to the bikes being light weight with ridiculous amounts of power.”

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