European helmets approved in Victoria

VICROADS has legalised the use of European ECE 22.05 motorcycle helmets. This step brings Victoria in line with Queensland.

According to the Victorian Motorcycle Council, Australian helmet standard AS1698 does not represent world’s best practice in helmet construction and design and has lobbied for the inclusion of the internationally recognised ECE 22.05 helmet standard alongside AS1698.

Peter Baulch, Deputy Chair of the VMC and key member of the Australian Motorcycle Council’s Helmet committee said, “This is a significant step towards simplifying the complex helmet regulation picture across Australia. The Australian helmet standard has fallen behind the rest of the world and now we need the other states to come into line and for the ACCC to step up and legalise the sale of ECE 22.05 helmets in Australia.”

All motorcycle helmets sold in Australia are fully imported and require recertification to AS1698 per Australian consumer law. State law dictates what can be worn however, which means that Victorian riders will now be able to order ECE 22.05 helmets online or bring them back from overseas trips without facing stiff penalties out on the roads.

But like anything you buy from overseas or straight off the internet, if there’s an issue with it don’t go crying to your local bike shop who stocks that brand. Chances are they will tell you to exit the shop rather quickly.

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