Atomik Fury

THE ATOMIK 250c Fury is proving to be a popular option for the budget conscious dirt bike rider. To see what all of the fuss was about I plonked my 14-year-old daughter Madison on one for a solid four days of trail riding at Queensland Moto Park.

At the tender ages of 13 and 14 years old, my daughters Rebecca and Madison have dead-set fallen in love with dirt bike riding. This is mainly thanks to having a great facility in Queensland Moto Park just over an hour’s drive from my place – so who can blame them?

When looking for a viable dirt bike all I wanted for Madison was something that was user friendly, air cooled, 18inch and 21 inch wheels with disc brakes and decent suspension, all of which appeared to be on the Atomik 250cc Fury.

Thanks to the team at ATOMIK in Melbourne the Fury arrived and after an hour or so of putting the peripheral parts into place we loaded up and took off for QMP for a four-day dirt bike holiday.

On the first day the girls got plenty of riding in while I set up our camping area and right from the get-go the ATOMIK fired up easily and Madison took absolutely no time to get used to the power and handling of the new machine. Just so you know, this is Madison’s third ride on a dirt bike, the first was on a loaner XR100, the second on a mate’s CRF150F and now here she was ripping around the track on the 250cc Fury as though she had been riding for years.

Once camp was set up I went out onto the track to see how the girls were faring and the smile on Madison’s face told the story, she was loving the new bike and although a little tall for her when stopping and starting it was perfect while in motion.

After the girls stopped riding on Saturday I went over the ATOMIK to make sure there were no bolts rattling loose and I softened the rear shock a fair amount for her 50kg frame. So far so good, a couple of hours of riding there were no signs of the ATOMIK falling apart.

Sunday morning couldn’t come fast enough for both girls and right on 8.30am they were back on the track and the ATOMIK definitely looked better with the suspension softer. So, with her confidence gaining during each ride Madison and her sister Rebecca asked if I would take them for a ride around the 5km Junior/Novice Enduro loop.

Against my better judgement (they have very few hours of experience) we took off with Madison out front followed by Rebecca and I and despite a few minor incidents and tip overs we made it around safely then after some discussion we decided it would be best to do another lap straight away while the track was fresh in our minds.

By the end of the day the girls were circulating around the 5km loop at a more than reasonable pace and looked a lot more confident than I expected when confronting logs, rocks and ruts along the trail.

Madison in particular looked very confident on the ATOMIK, she was more or less keeping the 250cc donk between second and third gears most of the way around the track. A couple of times I thought she was going too slow up a hill to carry that gear but she simply turned the throttle a little further and allowed the torque to pull her up the hill.

By the end of the four days Madison had put just over 25 litres of fuel through the ATOMIK and it hadn’t missed a beat. Sure, the seat height is a little tall for her and the 118kg machine is hard for her to pick up – but if you offset that with a dirt bike that is stable, turns well, has a good spread of power and great brakes I am more than impressed with the overall performance.

“I really love the bike, I was a bit scared when I saw how big it is but it didn’t take long to get used to, it goes pretty fast, which is what I like about it so far, I can’t wait to go riding again,” said Madison when I asked her to say something for this story.

In summary the ATOMIK 250cc Fury would be ideal for a young adult or more mature beginner to get their feet wet in the dirt bike riding world. It isn’t a junior dirt bike or pit bike, with a 900mm seat height it is quite tall but it has great brakes, a nice spread of power, more than adequate suspension and although it is a little heavy that does make it a very stable ride which suits a less experienced rider.

Madison and I give the Fury a big thumbs up, especially at only $1490!


  1. Im not sure about the 250cc but I have a 125cc and a Bigfoot 140cc. Where to begin! these motorbikes are a total disgrace there is not one part of these bikes that is quality. On the two bikes within 10 hrs riding on each I have had to replace 1 whole engine head (the exhaust studs snapped off) 1 fuel tank, 3 tyre tubes, 1 rear break cylinder, one new carby, CDI units twice on one and one on the other, rear bolts to sprocket bent and snapped off, rear wheel to the 140cc constantly sliding forward, endless amounts of bolts shearing off and coming loose, leaks to exhaust systems.I would definitely not go anywhere near them.

  2. /\You cant give a honest feedback because it Comes to who put the bike together. Most people that buy an Atomik or other bike that nees to be self assembled dont have any idea on how tight to do bolts up. It does not matter if you buy a Japanese or Chinese bike if you dont do nuts and bolts up to spec they will brake, come lose and you’ll have nothing but trouble from the bike.

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