Adventurous Stars – Alpine Stars Toucan

ALPINESTARS’ Toucan Adventure boots might look a bit like their motocross cousins, but there are many significant differences which makes the Toucans a much better choice for many riders.

They are a lot more comfortable, for a start – they don’t have the stiffness of a motocross boot, which means you feet will feel a lot fresher at the end of the day. They are also a lot better off the bike – the sole is a design which is OK to walk around in, and there’s a Gore-Tex membrane to keep the water out while letting the boot ‘breathe’, so it won’t feel so sweaty.

The basic design and construction is taken from the motocross world, so it uses buckles and velcro for fastening, plastic plates for protection, suede calf section for grip on the bike while standing and there’s even a lateral side vent to improve comfort. I spent a week wearing the Toucans riding through Cambodia, and while I found them a bit more comfortable at the end of the trip, after they’d bedded in, they were OK straight out of the box.

They were waterproof through many creek crossings and, offered good protection in the rough & tumble of adventure touring and still look great even after the trip. One place where I did feel the compromise was in the sole stiffness, where the narrow pegs of the XR250 I was riding was felt through the boot, making the last bit of the day standing up a bit tiring.

That’s a compromise I’m willing to take though, for increasing that stiffness requires more weight and less comfort walking due to a stiffer steel plate. The combination of protection, waterproofing, comfort and versatility makes the Toucan boots an awesome package.

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