Kabuto Aeroblade 5 Akiyoshi unboxing

Kabuto has released it’s new top-of-the line helmet, the Aeroblade 5. With a new design, multiple shell sizes, cool graphics and colour options and a list of features as long as your arm, it’s amazing they can sell this helmet for under $500, but they do.

We’ve just received our new Aeroblade 5 for testing and review, adn we thought we’d kick it off with a video of the unboxing.

Let us know in the comments any questions and any experiences you’ve had with Kabuto helmets.

Kabuto Aeroblade 5 Akiyoshi.


  1. The areoblade three is a great light helment. I have one as it one of the few that have have glasses slots. My issue with the three is that is has a lot of wind noise. Has this been fixed in the 5 and does it still have glasses slots?

    • I’m finding it to be relatively quiet: I use earplugs for any ride over about 30 minutes, and I’ve been riding naked bikes lately. Faired bikes often dump more air onto the helmet, making them noisier.

      It’s difficult to say if it’s a lot quieter than the 3, but I’m very happy with the helmet.

      The glasses slots are there, and they are awesome.

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