10 things we love about the new Suzuki GSX-S1000

1. Incredible value – just $17,290.
That’s only a slight increase over the outgoing model, despite being a nicer bike to ride.
2. Better electronics.
With a ride by wire throttle, three distinct riding modes, more traction control levels, the 2022 model steps up performance in this area.
3. More comfort/better ergos.
The new GSX-S has closer, wider handlebars which fall to hand better. Seat comfort is reasonable and the footpegs are sporty but not too high.
4. Quality suspension.
No, it’s not electronic or something super trick, but the suspension on the GSX-S is very good for a bike of this price, and it could be upgraded affordably.
5. Style.
Distinct, different, aggressive and modern. And there’s three colours, and the metal flake in the grey needs to be seen to be understood.
6. A bigger tank.
Now 19 litres, 2 more than the old model and better for everything.
7. Quickshifter
Standard equipment, a good up and down quickshifter.
8. The motor.
Lots of power for the money and now with a flatter torque curve.
9. LED lighting
Stacked LED headlights plus indicators and tailight.
10. Three-year warranty.
Go on, ride it around Australia. It’ll still be under warranty when you get back.

And a few things we were less keen on.

We didn’t love the busy digital instruments – hard to read and a little behind the times.
No cruise control or IMU… probably cost saving measures.
There’s a bit of noticeable vibration at higher revs, although you’ll be riding hard to feel it.

Who is it for?

The Suzuki GSX-S1000 is for anyone wanting an affordable, sporty, powerful and fun bike.
It would make a great machine able to fill a few niches: it could be used on the track (but it’s no GSX-R), it could be taken touring (but the forthcoming GT version will be better), it could be a commuter (but smaller, lighter and cheaper bikes would be more economic).
Where the GSX-S shines is its ability to do all those things, as well as put a great big smile on your face, whatever the riding you’re doing.

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