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It may be one of the most remote races in the world, but in this year’s Tatts Finke Desert Race, KTM riders can enjoy setup advice, technical services and parts availability as if they were right at their Local Bike Shop (LBS).

The famous Finke Desert Race is an icon and a dead-set bucket-list item for any Aussie dirt bike racer and KTM Australia is passionate about its involvement.

“For many interstate riders Finke may be a once in a lifetime shot,” said KTM Australia’s Marketing Manager Greg Chambers, “and we want to share our extensive Finke setup knowledge and offer our support to give KTM owners every possible chance to get across that finish line.”

KTM riders need only register (free) and provide a credit card imprint at Perry’s Power, the Authorised KTM dealer in Alice Springs to enjoy KTM Technical Services and Emergency Part Support.

“We encourage every owner to ensure their bike is well race-prepped prior to coming,” said Chambers, “with a fresh top end, clutch, brake pads, air and oil filters, but should they require last minute emergency parts or sustain crash damage while pre-riding, they can come straight to the truck and get them from us.”

The Technical Services aspect of the program allows any registered KTM rider to come to the truck and speak to Race Technician Kevin Doyle to diagnose issues or provide setup support.

For more information about KTM Motorcycles or KTM Technical Services and Emergency Part Support for the Finke Desert Race, check out www.ktm.com.au.

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