Lube me up – new chain paste from Motul

MOTUL has released a new product, Motul Chain Paste, part of the all new Motul MC Care Range.

Motul Chain Paste is a white lubricating paste with a brush applicator tip, specially formulated to lubricate all road motorcycle and kart chains including standard, “o-ring”, “x-ring” and “w-ring” chains.

The brush applicator is easy to use and applies an even, protective film to the chain.
The product increases chain durability due to its excellent anti-wear properties, reducing friction, being water and salt resistant and protecting against rust.

Practical, economical and non-flammable, the compact Motul Chain Paste tube can be stored without risk under a motorcycle saddle.

The 150mL tube does about 10 applications, making this a “must-have” in your travel kit. To watch the Motul Chain Paste video, click here

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