Used and Reviewed – Draggin Twista slim/skinny jeans

AS A recent motorcycle convert, I do struggle at times with the off-bike practicality and style of a lot of motorcycle clothing but the Draggin Twista jeans have gone a long way to end this for me.

When it comes to jeans or pants, I normally wear tight skinny leg jeans made out of stretchy denim. The tighter the better. I know they wouldn’t rate on mohs scale of hardness when you compare it to the bitumen, but riding motorcycles for me started out complimenting my lifestyle rather than dominating it.

Practically, leather pants are overkill for day-to-day city riding, most of the baggier biker jeans aren’t types I’d normally ever wear and no-one under 30 would be caught dead wearing camouflage pants, unless they’re enlisted.

The Draggin Twista denim jeans are a slim/skinny leg fit that feel thicker than an ordinary pair of jeans when you first pick them up, which is reassuring. Most importantly, they are also really comfy when you put them on – the denim is stretchy and is lined with Draggin’s Roomoto™ mesh, which acts as a barrier between the DuPont™ Kevlar® fibres and your skin and it also helps to regulate heat.

The sizes are pretty accurate, I went a size up (36) to be on the safe side and they are wearable without a belt, and I can wear thermals under them comfortably.

The Kevlar® is in all the right places around your butt, hips and knees and the Roomoto™ mesh has inserts for protective knee armour.When it comes to style, they are one of the slimmest cuts available but I reckon Draggin could make a similar pair with another centimetre or two taken out of the width to make them a bit tighter again. I’d buy a pair for every day of the week and I’m sure I wouldn’t be alone. If you don’t wear tight jeans, you probably won’t understand, but if you do – the Draggin Twista jean is the closest thing you can get. Visit for the full range and stockists

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