With a Rebel Yell…

JEANS seem like they haven’t changed in decades, but the reality is there are ongoing, if subtle, changes always being made to the style and design of the most popular form of motorcycle wear.

Of course changes to fashion don’t make them any safer, and standard fashion jeans offer appallingly-low levels of protection in a motorcycle-accident, which is why we like riding in Draggin Jeans.

Australia’s first Kevlar-lined jeans manufacturer is making a huge range of riding jeans for the world market these days and is always coming up with new designs and styles to not only suit the market, but more importantly improve the product.

The Rebel Jean is one of those new models, featuring super-soft stretch denim in light blue with fashionable scuff marks.

How safe?

The safety’s on the inside, with the Kevlar Roomoto lining being highly abrasion-resistant and giving the protection you need in a slide. Additional protection can be added by using the optional crash protection pads built into the Rebel jeans.

I’ve been wearing Draggin’ Jeans for decades and the Rebels are my favourite so far. The stretch denim isn’t so much a throwback to the 1980s but more a subtle way of getting the jeans to be more comfortable, on and off the bike, while the internal lining keeps your skin away from the Kevlar, making them more comfortable again.

Priced at $299 the Rebels might be more than regular jeans, but the hassle of growing skin back makes them fantastic to wear on a bike.

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