Arlen Ness Slayer Gloves

ANOTHER product we used at the Isle of Man were the Arlen Ness Slayer gloves.

For smooth throttle operation it’s important to have the right size gloves but also gloves which are supple enough to not restrict hand movement. It’s a given the gloves need to be strong enough to protect your hands in a crash too.

The specs sheet on the Slayer gloves tells me they are made from a mixture of Kangaroo and Cow leather, but you I can easily see they have hard plastic and magnesium protectors for the knuckles, stretched leather panels and a reinforced little finger.

What I found out for myself was the gloves fit great and have a strong double closure system which never came undone, so when I was racing there was never any thought of, “what’s that flapping around” as I was doing 240km/h.

I have used Arlen Ness gloves on a number of occasions now, but this was definitely the torture test for them. I am impressed with their quality.

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