XPD XP3-S – Comfy, sporty boots

I’ve been wearing a pair of XPD XP3-S boots for our sports and track testing over than last year or so and I’m happy to report they have proven to be everything I want in a sports boot and nothing I don’t.

Marketed as a sports, race and sports-touring boot it’s trying to be a lot of things to a lot of people and does a pretty good job across the board.

Built around a fairly stiff base and heel section, there’s still flexibility for movement thanks to panels above the heel and across the bridge of your foot.

Five polyurethane shields on each boot protect the shin, toes and ankle, while ventilation holes in the side make them useable even in hot weather, although your feet do still get sweaty.

There’s a half-height zip and velcro flap closure system which is excellent and  replaceable stainless-steel toe scrapers for those who don’t drag their feet back onto the footpegs.

If I have any hesitation recommending the XP3-S boots it’s the price: at $475.00 (RRP) they cost a fair bit, but they are well built and aren’t trashed despite a fair bit of track and road time.

Available from better bike shops right across the country.

The XPD XP3-S are great for multipurpose-sports riding

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