VOZZ Helmets back in production VIDEO

INNOVATIVE Australian motorcycle helmet manufacturer, VOZZ Helmets has announced the arrival of its first delivery of ECE certified helmets.


Following the VOZZ Helmets launch, back in December 2015, the helmet has undergone significant refinement to its design.

The helmet revolves around a radical rear-access hinged design which removes the need for a chin-strap.

It looks beneficial in the case of an accident. The helmet is much easier to remove, without moving the potentially-injured rider.

VOZZ Helmets’ founding director, Mark Bryant said he was not completely happy with the first samples it received. VOZZ sent them back and paused production.

The process took a bit longer than expected because VOZZ decided to make a range of product improvements while it had the chance.

The comfort lining has been improved, aerodynamic foils have been added to both locking covers on each side of the helmet, and a different rubber compound is being used to improve the seal and minimize extraneous wind noise.

Thanks to new common-sense helmet laws, VOZZ has imported the helmets under ECE certification.

The VOZZ RS1.0 helmets is now available in Australia in all sizes and colours, from all official retailers and VOZZ Helmets’ online shop.

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