RSV4 Special Edition Series

SINCE the launch of Aprilia Racing’s 2014 World Superbike Team at Phillip Island in February there have been many requests for a Race Replica of the team’s stunning and unique Chrome livery.

(Pictured above is the RSV4 Factory -chrome).

As there are no plans by the Aprilia factory for a Race Replica RSV4 in 2014, John Sample Automotive has developed a different approach which may be even more broadly appealing than the Race Replica livery itself.

The RSV4 Chrome/Alloy Series allows customers to ‘choose’ how they want their personal RSV4 to be decorated.

Aprilia’s RSV4-R alloy.

The customer can choose between two different styles – Chrome or Alloy and order their bike through their Aprilia dealer.
The chosen design will then be especially assembled and delivered to the dealer. Lead times will apply so speak to your Aprilia dealer to confirm the delivery timing.

“The concept developed by our design team was to work with the current styles of the RSV4 range and use highlights to create something unique which ‘reflects’ the Aprilia Racing Chrome race bike styling,” said John Sample Automotive General Manager Kris Matich.

“The initial idea was to come up with one concept but we couldn’t choose between the two final materials so we thought why not let the customers choose which one they like best.”

Each Aprilia dealer has an RSV4 Chrome/Alloy colour pallet which shows a sample piece of both Chrome and Alloy options available. The Special Edition Chrome and Alloy RSV4’s will only be made to order with delivery expected to take 2-3 weeks.

The Chrome and Alloy series is available on both models RSV4 Factory and RSV4 R.

The cost for either option will be just $500 incl GST on top of the normal cost of your chosen model.

The range of options offered will be RSV4 Factory Alloy, RSV4 Factory Chrome, RSV4 R (red or black) Alloy and RSV4 R (red or black) Chrome.

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