Long haul comfort wearing OGK helmets

MOST riders would know not all helmets are created equal. And even then the best helmets don’t fit all heads.

This is certainly the case with myself, and even though I might love the look and the features of certain helmets it doesn’t mean they will be comfortable for me.

For shorter distances this is usually fine but for long distances it can be a real distraction, causing pain and forcing you to play around with the compressed foam of the helmet to relieve pressure points.

One helmet which does fit me is the OGK/Kabuto FF-5. I love these helmets because they fit my head perfectly. I took two over to the Isle of Man recently and did some 600 kilometres of practice/racing on the TT mountain course. And I can’t speak highly enough of the helmet for fit, finish and ease of use.

You might think ease of use is a funny thing to say but when you are mucking around changing visors and fitting tear offs it is much better when things are easy to use, especially as the clock is counting down.

Vision is great and buffeting a non-issue too.

On my pit stop during the four-lap 240 kilometre race I had my visor changed in a matter of seconds, and I can tell you not all helmet visor are like that. I even had a choice between a mid tint and dark tint. Plus we had an anti-fog set up in the clear visors, and they worked a treat too.

There are a few funky paint schemes to choose from but I prefer the solid colours.

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