Five years in Formas

I WAS a little shocked to discover the Forma Adventure boots we have are now over five years old, still in good nick and still great to wear for Adventure riding.

Both motocross and road boots are unsuitable for adventure bikes – MX boots are too stiff to be comfortable all day and are usually awful off the bike, while road boots don’t offer the stiffness in the sole or the protection you need.

Forma’s Adventure boot is lighter than a motocross boot and features just two buckles and velcro to get in and out. Once on they are far more comfortable than most motocross boots while still offering a good deal of protection and, importantly, aren’t too bad for walking around in when you’re off the bike.

They are made from Nabuk leather with a nonslip sole. There are replaceable buckles available, pads and protectors abound and they feature a waterproof liner, too, which is a breathable membrane, but they still get a bit sweaty in the summer.

About the only thing with the Forma’s I’d change is the stiffness in the sole – standing on narrow footpegs becomes tiresome.

Priced at $375, they are cheaper now the when I got mine, and you can choose black instead of brown, too.

Price: $375

Available from: Andy Strapz

More info:

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