Victorian Police targeting motorcyclists AGAIN

It comes as no surprise that lots of seasoned motorcyclists simply will not travel to Phillip Island to watch the GP, as Victorian police again put “motorcycle safety” at the forefront of their minds.

Victorian police motorcycle safety operation motosafe

Operation Motosafe “is focussed on reducing injuries and fatal collisions on our roads,” according to a Victorian Police press release (which has been subsequently removed from the Victoria Police website).

The operation will see an increased police presence throughout October and coincide with the motorcycle Grand Prix.

Punters riding to Phillip Island can expect random breath testing sites and road blocks.

Police will also use automatic number plate recognition technology to detect any unregistered vehicles.

What would Phil Island do?

Eastern Region Road Policing Inspector Stewart Westfield said even though motorcyclists are vulnerable road users it is up to everyone on the roads to take care.

“There’s no doubt that with the warmer weather upon us and with the Grand Prix coming up we do see an increase in the number of riders coming through our area,” Inspector Westfield said.

“We all need to look after each other, no matter what mode of transport you’re in, stay within the speed limit and take regular breaks on long journeys.

“The Grand Prix will be a major focus of the operation with police out and about on all roads leading to Phillip Island between 19 and 22 October.”

Over the past five years during the month of October the eastern region of Victoria has sadly seen 47 people killed on their roads.

Of these 47 lives, 21 per cent were riders.

To put the stats in perspective it equates to roughly two lives per year.

While Inspector Westfield said fixing the road toll is up to everyone, he hasn’t said what Victorian Police is going to do about fixing the other 79 per cent.

In May last year, Victorian Police announced Operation Motus, which turned police riders into rider safety lecturers.

The Victorian Government currently has a motorcycle tourism strategy in place, because it sees Victoria as the country’s top destination for motorcycle culture.

With this sort of treatment it’s not; Victoria Police is cutting off the nose to spite the face.


  1. I wonder if it will include the clown who jumped out in front of a rider and nearly hit centre punched. In that case a rider saved a cop by swerving away and stopping.
    Will it include booking riders for doing 103 in a 100 zone? Something that wouldn’t happen in any other state. It means you spend all your time looking down and not up at the road.

  2. I stopped going to Phillip Island because of this sort of stuff.

    If I’m doing something wrong, pull me over and chat to me. If I’m not doing anything wrong then leave me alone and don’t harass me.

    I now chose to ride elsewhere and spend my money.

  3. Used to go down and spent alot along the way in big groups. No one goes now. Last time I went was so paranoid it is impossible to enjoy the ride. My advice… dont do it.

  4. This is my first time to the GP. All my experienced mates don’t go anymore due to harassment. I’m riding from Sydney (and returning) and want to do it once for the experience.

    • Awesome, that’s a good attitude to have so I’m sure you’ll have a great time regardless! Keep us posted with your experience…

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