Triumph annonces high-spec Bobber, the Bonneville Bobber Black

Recently Cycle Torque reviewed the Triumph Bobber, and it’s been such a success Triumph has already announced an even higher performance model.

The Bonneville Bobber Black addresses many of the criticisms of the Bobber, because it looks like they’ve fixed the suspension and brakes.

47mm cartirdge forks grace the front end of the Bobber Black and even more importantly there are  twin discs with Brembo calipers on a 16-inch front wheel.

Triumph has also added LED lighting.

16-inch front wheel, fat forks, big brakes and even more black.

“What I do know is the spindly 41-mm forks which bottomed-out quite often are gone, which is particularly good given the increase in braking performance the bigger brakes will offer.

I’m not convinced the 16-inch front wheel is a great choice, but it certainly differentiates the bike from the 19-incher on the standard Bobber,” Cycle Torque’s Nigel Paterson on the news of the new bike.

The engine’s much the same but the new bike gets cruise control.

Let us know below if you think the changes might prompt you to wait for the Bobber Black to be available before you buy a new bike.


Read the test and watch the video review of the Bonneville Bobber here.

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