Suzuki Boulevard C90T

SAVE 10K. That’s not a misprint. Buy a Suzuki C90T and you could easily save $10,000 over so many bikes of similar capacity, specifications and ability. It’s a large capacity V-twin tourer, complete with panniers, for just $17,500.

Suzuki C90T Boulevard

What do you lose?
This depends on what you compare it to, but there’s a list of things you might want that aren’t here – ABS, cruise control, traction control, cappuccino maker, they’re all missing from the C90T’s equipment and option lists.

You do get a heavyweight cruiser/tourer, complete with a large protective screen, 1500cc injected powerplant, comfortable accommodation for two and voluminous panniers.

Big grunt, but economical
The long stroke engine carries some family attributes from the legendary GSX-R series, throttle bodies on the one hand and the ‘SACS’ (Suzuki Assist Clutch System) for example. The clutch set up eases lever effort and acts like a ‘slipper’ as well.

Gearbox is a five speeder with top feeling like a genuine overdrive. Few riders will see higher than 4th in general commuting around the place, often that will be 3rd. The bike is smooth, and combined with high gearing, feels even smoother.

Doubtless there will be serious benefits at the fuel pump as well, another pointer to its touring bent. I ran it ’till it stopped (fuel). Waited, got going again, desperately searching for a servo. Coughed to a stop as I rolled toward the pump, not a drop left!
At that point, the un-run-in 90T had covered 347kilometres for 5.1 lites/100k. So over 300k per 18 litre tank, and certainly more than 250. Just what we need out on the open road.

The combination of a torquey efficient engine and a high gear set delivering the goods here.

Suzuki C90T Boulevard

Big boy
This is not a light motorcycle, however it is a comfortable one, with wide ’bars and low seat height. ‘Super-Pillion’ gave the rear seat the thumbs up and was happy enough with the ride comfort. Solo, I found the rear suspension a tad firm, but two-up it was pretty good. Just as well, as neither end of the bike is adjustable, suspension wise. Tyre pressures alone are your only choice.

Suzuki C90T BoulevardThe panniers look great and like the screen are designed to be non-removable, although you can do it, it’s not the intended ‘design function’. The screen works well. Very little buffeting, if any, and well positioned for my (average) height.

The bags are thick plastic material covered in a leather look material and the left one holds the lion’s share. The right one is smaller, due to the upper of the two stacked mufflers, needing accommodation, so the underside of that pannier is sculpted to give the muffler room. Both panniers are reasonably waterproof due to the lipped closing edges on the lid.

The locks are keyed alike so that’s another plus, as is the inclusion of a helmet lock. On one occasion the bike endured a torrential downpour that lasted many night time hours. On inspection the cases were almost completely dry, Suzuki allowing for any imperfections by including a tiny drain hole, useful if the cases ever get spring cleaned.

There is enough space for weekends away. Doubtless Suzuki will offer a top box at some point, and some riders/couples may evaluate such an option as time goes by. Certainly, there is a rear rack and back rest item, all black of course, available as an option.

I found the bike did most things pretty well, a good all rounder from that perspective, however I did note it was heavy-ish coming off the sidestand in certain terrain. A quick look at the specs shows 363 kilos wet, so it’s a sub 400 kilo cruiser. No issues once rolling however.

There is no cruise control, nor ABS… I didn’t miss it either. I did need to adjust to looking at the tank mounted instruments but never gave it a second thought once some familiarity had been established.

Suzuki C90T Boulevard

Aunty’s verdict
The M90T is a stylish smooth all black cruiser with screen-n-bags, at an absolute bargain price. The engine/gearbox/final drive work beautifully together and will only improve with time, as the bike I tested wasn’t run in fully. Good fuel economy.

Change down, nail it and the ‘T’ boogies away with authority. Some may question the lack of ABS and cruise control, but I didn’t miss it and at seventeen and a half k the bike is pretty good fundamental value with great looks.

The C90T has joined the ‘bagger’ brigade and delivers on the road. especially with its rider/pillion comfort package. A worthy addition to the Suzuki cruiser range. The ‘T’ is for touring!

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  1. Great test review Aunty, I’ve been living with this ride since start of June 2013. I purchased brand new and added the back rest and rack to the bike. I down graded from a Rocket 3 Roadster and find this makes up for power loss of the R3 with comfort and daily community ease. The servicing costs and tyre costs appear to be reasonable. To ride – I love it, I’m 6’2″ and 130 kilos and love the suspension, when i pop my wife on the back who only weights 70kgs the bike feels no different. The brakes feel a little wooden but do the job. I have rode in thunderstorms and the panners didn’t leak at all. I’ve added a Screen pouch and accessory power pod and this thing will eat the miles no problem at all. I think the Timing Retard Eliminator needs to be added to stop that sluggish feeling in first 2 gears, but that can be done via a purchase through ebay listings. A great bike, i’m glad i got it.

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