SR400 stars at Festival of Thump

Deus SR400THE mighty Yamaha SR400 is back and you can see it in the flesh at the Deus Ex Machina Festival of Thump at Deus HQ in Camperdown tomorrow, April 5.

The SR400 is not really a new model – it has been available in Japan since 1978. It has been an iconic platform for custom bikes at Deus Ex Machina because of its simplicity and now Sydney can check out the Australian release of the first EFI of this classic Yammie thumper.

To help celebrate this landmark event the good folk at Deus invite everyone to bring their SR/XT/TT along for “a day of single-pot goodness.”


The SR400 is a blank canvas for custom builders an you won’t find a better place to get inspiration for what can be done to an SR Yamaha than Deus Ex Machina.

All the fun takes place at Deus Ex Machina Temple of Enthusiasm 98-104 Parramatta Road, Camperdown. Check out their Facebook on

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