Segura Nomad Jacket – A French classic

The Segura Nomad jacket is a great option when it comes down to choosing safety gear for casual riders.

It’s not about the type of bike you ride, but more a case of not wanting to look too much like a leather-suited Mr Fast or a dayglo Mr Always when you get about your business off the bike.

To be fair, each has its own purpose, but they don’t really suit everyday, casual riders.

This is where companies like Segura come in.

This Segura Nomad jacket is Segura’s take on a venerable waxed-cotton/canvas.

Belstaff make the ones you see movie stars wearing, but they are pretty expensive and seem to have moved itself into an exclusive, ‘high fashion’ label, whatever that means…

The French manufacturer uses modern jacket engineering along with textile material and leather to pull off the Segura Nomad Jacket’s classic look.

This makes it more breathable than its traditional counterpart, plus it’s got CE protection in the shoulder and elbows (an optional CE back protector is available for $29.95).

With a removable winter liner and adjusters at the waist and collar, the Segura Nomad jacket is certainly well fitting and toasty warm so far.

When Summer rolls into town I will give you an update how suitable the Nomad jacket holds up sans liner for all-seasons use.

Leather is used sparingly for the pockets and the belt is adjustable, while the corduroy inner-collar and knitted cuffs each add nice finishing touches.

There are eight external and three internal pockets, so I am also interested to find out how the Segura Nomad Jacket holds up in wet weather, too.

The Segura Nomad jacket looks to be a great multipurpose jacket which although it’s aimed at men, the androgynous style will look good on anybody.

It doesn’t matter what you ride either, but if you particularly enjoy modern nakeds to anything retro – Kawasaki Z300s, Harley Street 500s, Yamaha MTs, Triumph Street Triples, Ducati Scramblers, Sol Invictus Nemesis et al.

The Segura Nomad jacket is a great option to be looking at.

Retailing at $599.95, the Segura Nomad jacket is my pick for spring.

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