Parklands Model Range

THE HiSun built machines are produced by China’s largest offroad vehicle manufacturer with more than 20 years in the offroad industry having started as a motorcycle manufacturer.
The HiSun ATVs and UTVs have been a reliable niche in the Parklands range for years.

We tested their entire range last year at the Eastern Creek four-wheel-drive test track.
This year we managed to get aboard all the models at a private rural property in Mulgoa complete with creek crossings, soggy grassland, hilly terrain and various obstacles.
It’s interesting to see how the models have evolved as the factory responds to the needs of its distributors around the globe.

One machine that caught our eye in particular was the PQV800 UTV-2, (RRP incl GST $16,000) although in my mind I was already mentally referring to it as the “troop carrier” as soon as I laid eyes on it. The UTV-2 can be used as a four-seater with a small electric tilt tray at the rear. The really clever part is that in less than two-minutes you can convert it to a two-seater and greatly expand the size of the tray – and it’s all done quickly with just a series of spring-loaded slide bolts. I think this workhorse has a real place in tough Australian work environments.

The flexibility of being able to bring a crew of four to a rugged worksite and then convert the configuration to give you a big load carrying capacity and then quickly convert back to “troop carrier” mode to bring the crew back home. This is a real winner! It is powered by a fuel injected 800cc four-stroke liquid cooled vee-twin engine with four valves per cylinder, an automatic CVT drive system, and that lot puts out 54.9hp with a maximum torque of 90Nm @ 4500rpm.

And here’s where we get spoilt for choice. There’s the 800ATV (RRP incl GST $8,999) and the two side-by-side UTVs. The two-seater UTV (RRP incl GST $11,490) would lean more toward the sport category whereas the UTV-2 has the serious carrying capacity in terms of load and passengers. The actual engine specs are virtually identical although the ATV has a shaft drive, the sport UTV has an axle and the troop carrier has a shaft with rear differential.

The CVT on all three is a sub-transmission with high, low, park, neutral and reverse with both 2WD and 4WD. They share a chassis with independent double A arm suspension front and back as well as dual ventilated hydraulic disc brakes and AT25 x 8-12 radial tyres front and rear. The UTVs have 30litre fuel capacity and the ATV has 26 litres.
The UTV-2 has multifunction instrumentation with digital speedo, clock, 2WD/4WD/diff lock indicator, water temperature and fuel injection warning, indicators, digital fuel gauge, parking brake indicator, neutral, reverse and fuel warning lights. There’s even a cup holder.

The big beast of burden also has an automotive style cooling system coupled with and oil cooler for superior heat dissipation as well as an electronic power steering system (EPS) to make driving safe and easy.
The system switches itself off above 80kmh for safety. Yes, and it has all the good stuff you’d expect to get with a quality machine such as 1600kg winch, roof and full windscreen.
The 800UTV has very comfortable seats and also a great pull-out T-bar hand grip for passenger safety and the EPS system is optional on this model. This one also gets a tow hitch and aluminium wheel rims. The ATV gets handlebar protectors and aluminium wheels as well as the same capacity winch.

Optional accessories include the rear cargo bed and large 26inch tyres. The PQV700 UTV-5 (RRP incl GST $11,599) is the little brother of the 800 UTV-2 with its four-seater design and the utility tilt tray capable of carrying 250kg. It’s powered by a 686cc water-cooled four-stroke single cylinder engine. It’s also fuel injected, and has a five-disc brake system.

CVT transmission has high, low, park, neutral and reverse in 2WD/4WD driven through an axle. Suspension has been upgraded for this model with independent double ‘A’ arm suspension front and back.
Fuel capacity is 30litres and ground clearance is a comfortable 245mm. The electronic power steering system is optional on this model, however it does come with 1600kg winch, full windshield, roof, tow hitch, cup console and aluminium wheel rims. This model also comes with very comprehensive multifunction instrumentation.

Next on the list is the PQV 500ATV-4 (RRP incl GST $7,110) and its side-by-side sibling the PQV 500UTV-4 (RRP incl GST $8,996) which share a 471cc liquid-cooled four-stroke four-valve single cylinder engine.
Again, like their bigger siblings they have centralised relays with waterproof cables to offer ease of maintenance as well as Delphi electronic fuel injection.
Multifunction instrumentation is comprehensive and easy to read at a glance.

Chassis features independent double ‘A’ arm suspension front and back on both models with dual ventilated hydraulic discs front and back on the UTV but with a single disc on the rear of the ATV-4. The UTV has a 790mm seat height wihile the ATV is 870mm and ground clearance on the UTV is 245mm but 260mm on the ATV. Fuel capacity is 30 litres on the UTV and 17 litres on the ATV. Standard issue is the 1600kg winch, tow hitch and aluminium wheel rims. The ATV includes the rear cargo bed and handlebar protector, while the UTV also has full windshield, roof, and cup console. EPS is optional on the UTV.

When you get down to the PQV 400UTV (RRP incl GST $7,590) and the PQV 400ATV-4 (RRP incl GST $5,500) there is a slight divergence between the two. The UTV has a 392cc liquid-cooled four-stroke single cylinder while the ATV has a 387cc liquid-cooled four-stroke single cylinder. The bore and stroke on the UTV is 84.5mm x 70mm compared to 83mm x 71.6mm on the ATV. Maximum power on the UTV is 20kW@ 7500rpm while the ATV kicks in slightly earlier at 7000 to 7500rpm. Maximum torque on the UTV is 23Nm at 6500rpm while the ATV has 30Nm at between 6000 and 6500rpm. The UTV gets fuel injection while the ATV has a carburettor and CDI ignition.
The UTV is electric start while the ATV also gets a pullstart. Suspension on the UTV features independent double A arms both front and back while the ATV has double A arm on the front and single swingarm on the rear.

Seat height on the UTV is 857mm while the ATV is 830mm and ground clearance on the UTV is 300mm while the ATV has 245mm. Fuel capacity in the UTV is 29litres and the ATV carries 15litres. They both have multifunction instrumentation, 1600kg winch and tow hitch. Aluminium wheel rims are optional on the UTV which gets a full windshield and roof as well as a high capacity manual tipping tray and the automotive style cooling system coupled to an oil cooler. All come with 12-months limited factory warranty.

Parklands Power

Products might not be automatically recognised by many Australians but mention the names Tanaka and Grasshopper and you will see the light bulb come on. Parklands is a 100 per cent Australian owned private company and has been around since 1968 in the outdoor power equipment industry. In 2006 the company launched a range of its own products under the Parklander banner which covers everything from zero-turn mowers, push mowers, brushcutters, chainsaws, hedge trimmers and many more.

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