October 2016 issue

THIS edition of Cycle Torque is for the Learners with one of the biggest LAMS bike features you will see in any magazine, we cover all the manufacturers’ learner offerings with links to every video and previous tests.

We also test three Learner-approved bikes:

Kawasaki’s Z125 PRO screams fun, but it is also a great inner-city commuter. It’s so small and light, you can get out in front of traffic and park it anywhere.

Sol Invictus’ Nemesis has an old-school charm which begs to be customised, and will certainly be popular with those thinking about starting on an old classic. Why buy old, old; when you can buy old, new?

Husqvarna’s TE250 two-stroke enduro is for the more experienced learners out there. The manufacturer’s are seeing a two-stroke revival in the last few years and this Husky is a serious contender for your hard-earned.

Each test has an embedded video, too.

We also look at some of the latest products, reviews, news, columns, books and more.

We hope you enjoy the issue! If you do (or don’t), please let us know.

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-Ryan Grubb

Digital Editor


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