November 2016 Issue

This month there are all kinds of bikes featured and tested. The Yamaha TT-R125 and TT-R230 tested as part of the kids feature, the Ducati XDiavel, Triumph’s Speed Triple R, a huge Harley-Davidson advertising feature, the latest bikes from Intermott, one of the big European shows, and lots more. It all points to a great 2017 for motorcycling.

It seems like we’ve never had it so good – a couple of decades ago it felt like we had a lot less choice. The Japanese were strong, of course, and there were niches for the passionate motorcyclists – Harley-Davidson was gaining strength, Triumph had been re-born, BMW was doing some interesting bikes and Ducati’s eight-valvers were winning races, but it felt like you went exotic – anything from the USA or Europe – on mainstream (Japanese). And every brand – except BMW, maybe – was ‘known’ to be less reliable than a Japanese bike.

Haven’t times changed! Sure, the Japanese brands are all still there and all producing great bikes. But the real growth has come from Europe and America, and now the Chinese are making their presence felt.

KTM has come out of seemingly nowhere to become the number 1 dirt bike brand in off-road competition, Harley-Davidson is number 1 in road bikes, Ducati and BMW are setting sales records.

And now Triumph is producing a modern Bobber, a bike embargoed until after our print edition, so check out the Cycle Torque website for info on this interesting new model.

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