NoiseGuard backs Demmery in 2014

Melbourne based company NoiseGuard has thrown its support behind Brandon Demmery, 2013  Australian 250 Production Champion as he looks to back up his success next year.

NoiseGard owner George Themistoklis is very pleased to support Demmery, who is pinned as a rising talent in Australian Road Racing. The company’s manager Johnny Themistoklis sees strong determination and desire in Demmery and is “Looking forward to assisting Brandon to take the next step in what we are sure will be a stellar career”.

The 16-year-old from Wagga Wagga has had his ups and downs this year, from having a trailer full of racing gear stolen in Melbourne this April to gaining an invitation to race the SIC support class of the Malaysian MotoGP in October.

Brandon finished sixth in his class and 17th overall in the first race, improving his position in the second race to finish 4th in the Ninja250 class and tenth overall.

The custom designed ear plugs will be used by Brandon when racing to protect his hearing from the loud noises associated with road racing. The company also make custom moulded in-ear speakers for Apple and Logitech products.


NoiseGuard website

– Ryan Grubb


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