New Triumph Explorers

From Triumph Oz:

Triumph first entered the Adventure touring market in 2011 with the ultra successful Tiger 800 range which quickly both grew the adventure segment and accepted a handsome segment share. On the back of the middleweight adventure market class leader Triumph released, in 2012, the Tiger 1200 Explorer fully decked out with a formidable shaft drive, cruise control as standard and a three cylinder engine that powered through the open road kilometres boasting huge 16,000km service intervals and minimalist 5.0l/100km thirst for fuel.

Current Tiger Explorer owners thrive on the smooth power deliver of the in line triple and sure footed character both on the open highway and dirt stretches opening new horizons.

For 2016 Triumph has exceeded expectations, receiving international acclaim from the recent Portugal launch, the Explorer is said to be “an incredibly accomplished motorcycle that can hustle on or off-road”. Others comment “the new machine is easier to ride for longer, as well as being safer, faster over distance and above all, more fun”.

The new Explorer ticks all the boxes in the rider-aid technology department featuring class leading electronic semi active WP suspension, 5 active rider modes, versatile lean angle abs and traction control settings, all delivered through a refined ride-by-wire throttle. When it comes to long touring days in the saddle, it’s all about creature comforts, and comforts the Explorer offers in droves. The top of the line XCa and XRt models feature no less than electronically adjustable windscreen, heated grips, heated seats, cruise control, hand guards, hill hold control and a range of protective accessories.

Short in Stature, not in Dreams… We have an Explorer for you!
Don’t fall short of your best adventure yet for just a few inches, Triumph have released the Tiger 1200 Explorer XCx in a ‘Low’ version offering an ultra low saddle at just 785mm!

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