MY18 DR-Z400E now on sale

Suzuki’s venerable DR-Z400E is back for MY18 and is now available from Australian dealerships in bold new colours.

2018 pricing remains unchanged at $8,990 ride-away.

Both the RM-Z and DR-Z series adopt MXGP-inspired styling in 2018.

The model was introduced in 1999 and Suzuki claims to have sold over 18,000 units around the country.

Those sales figure are pretty impressive, it inspired us to take a little stroll down Memory Lane.


DR-Zs throughout the years

2000 – DR-Z400

The DR-Z400 appeared on the cover of Cycle Torque Motorcycle Newspaper in February, 2000. A lot has changed since then…

“Suzuki’s newcomer makes the 400cc thumper class just about the hottest there is.”

– Miles Davis, Cycle Torque, February 2000.


Back then, the DR-Z400 was available non-registerable with a kick-start only; and the ADR-approved DR-Z400E was on the way.

Suzuki didn’t offer the trail-oriented DR-Z400S at the time, as it believed it did not suit the Aussie market with its metal tank and road-going set-up.


2000 – DR-Z400E

Cycle Torque tested the first road-going machine way back in 2000.

“SUZUKI’S DR-Z400E will record more registrations than any other from the Hamamatsu company in 2000.
“A big call? I don’t think so.”
– Nigel Paterson, May 2000



2006 – DR-Z400S and 400SM arrive in OZ

“Heavily based on the DR-Z400 enduro machine, the SM version features 17-inch wheels, a huge front disc and inverted forks based on those used on Ricky Carmichael’s World Supercross title-winning RM250.

“Finished in black livery – including the wide rims – the DR-Z400SM really looks the part, and comes with a two-year warranty.

“The first batch are expected here in September.”

– Cycle Torque Magazine, July 2005.

In 2006, the S model hit Australian shores as a dual-purpose road-trail version of the DR-Z400E. It Featured 49mm cartridge-style forks and adjustable rear suspension, and was fully road legal.


2008 – Doctor Z turns white

“The 2009 DR-Z400S is still powered by the DOHC four-stroke motor, which is rider friendly and fun to ride,” Cycle Torque Magazine, September 2008.



The last time Cycle Torque rode a DR-Z400E was in 2013, with Alex Pickett saying, “I see the DR-Z400E as tested here as being a very smart purchase option for the average trail rider.

“It has plush suspension and a slightly lower seat height than most race/enduro models, and the liquid-cooled 400cc engine has plenty of power with a much less chance of getting you into trouble when you twist the throttle a bit harder than you expected.”

“But there’s more to the mighty DR-Z400E.

“I also took it on some single trail and was surprised how well it steered and handled that type of terrain.

“It was easy to ride in the tight stuff, no doubt helped by the lower seat and softer power delivery compared to other enduro bikes with similar capacity.

“I think the DR-Z400E is a vastly underrated bike, but then again it is a strong seller so maybe it’s not underrated by people who know better.”



Full press release

18,000 Reasons Why – MY18 DR-Z400E ON SALE NOW 

The MY18 Suzuki DR-Z400E is available from Australian dealerships now boasting a fresh new look and unchanged pricing.

Unifying Suzuki’s off-road motorcycle branding, the RM-Z and DR-Z series have now adopted yellow with blue accent styling inspired by the factory MXGP machine.

Also a welcome addition for MY18 is the anodized black rims which perfectly complement the DR-Z’s sleek new styling.

Originally introduced in 1999 and becoming an Aussie bush icon with over 18,000 sold the DR-Z400E is a bike unlike any other currently available. Year after year it continues to be one of the top choices by trail riders looking for a capable enduro weapon without the costly and time consuming maintenance schedules.

Powered by a 398cc, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 4-valve, single cylinder, 4-stroke engine with electric starting that produces broad, tractable power and torque, making obstacles such as long hill climbs a breeze.

The air filter can be easily accessed without tools, grease nipples are featured on the swingarm pivot and linkage bearings for easy maintenance.

An easy-to-read multi-function digital instrument includes speedometer, odometer, dual tripmeters with both addition and subtraction functions, clock and stopwatch with subtraction capability.

Recommended retail price of $7,990 + ORC (MSRP $8,990 Ride Away) remains unchanged for MY18.

For further information on the Suzuki DR-Z400E interested customers should visit their local Suzuki dealer, who can be found through the Dealer Locator on

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