Kawasaki LAMS brigade

KAWASAKI has one of the most comprehensive range of LAMS bikes on the market, catering from street motards right through to adventure touring machines.

For off-road enthusiasts take a look at the KLX450R enduro/trail bike. It’s very popular with buyers because it’s a great off-roader and reliable. It’s more towards the user-friendly end of the enduro market but therein lies its main strength in our opinion.

The KLX250SF is essentially a KLX250S road trail bike with motard wheels and gearing. We’ve tested this bike before and it’s a great fun/city machine. Then of course there’s the sporty Ninja 300 which is a huge seller for Kawasaki. It’s the most powerful in its class, and the styling mimics the bigger capacity sports models like the ZX-6R and the ZX-10R. What learner wouldn’t want to be seen on one of these? Talk about instant street cred.

For those seeking a bit bigger LAMS machine there’s the 650cc powered fully faired Ninja 650L, the naked ER-6nl and the Versys adventure tourer. Three different styles on similar platforms. Once again, there’s something for everyone here.

And for those looking to conquer the outback there’s the KLR650, one of the longest lasting Kawasaki models in production.
This bike is popular with riders looking to go off the beaten track, but it allows learner riders to sample this type of riding too. If you are a learner rider Kawasaki is sure to have something to suit you.

Tests and Videos

KLX450R – (2012) Video (From Kawasaki Australia)

Ninja 300 –  Video

Ninja 650LTest (2010)

Versys 650Test (2010)


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