Kawasaki Australia unveils new Z900 at Deus Ex Machina

The first public viewing in Australia of Kawasaki’s 2018 Z900RS and Z900RS Café edition took place at Deus Ex Machina’s House of Simple Pleasures, Sydney, November 15.

Kawasaki Z900RS unveiled deus sydney workshop static

The all-new Kawasaki Z900RS is an evolution of the original Z1 and makes Kawasaki’s first entry into the modern retro category.

Kawasaki commissioned Deus to modify two units.

Jeremy Tagand, Deus Motorcycle Design Director at Deus, Sydney was the mastermind behind both of the Z900RS custom build projects.

The Z900RS lends its self to personalisation and the custom motorcycle culture. Deus is a leaders in this field and it has been given an opportunity to show the world what the Z900RS could become with their intervention.

Kawasaki said it did not try to recreate the Z1. The attempt is to connect Kawasaki’s heritage and model history with contemporary thinking.

Today’s rider has much different expectations.

In 1972, Kawasaki launched the Z1. It proved to be a milestone motorcycle and it made history in the Kawasaki model line-up. The four cylinder, four stroke 903cc Z1 was one of the largest capacity and highest power, mass produced machines available in the 1970s.

The Deus custom build project bikes will not be available for sale to the public and they are one-off show pieces that Kawasaki Motors Australia will be using for display purposes.


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