Hydrate Me – Kriega Backpack

ON MY recent trip to Cambodia I used a Kriega back pack which allowed me to carry a water bladder of three litres, but it also has several handy separate compartments for all my other bits and pieces.

The other strength for trail riding was it had reinforced straps that came together around my chest as well as the waist. Not only did it sit well loaded, it kept all the dust out. The R15 is the smallest of the Kriega backpack range, but is still big on features.

Airspace padding, grip fabrics and quality materials feature throughout, but it’s the “quadloc” harness system that perhaps stands out most, removing the weight and strain from your neck and shoulders, making light work of carrying a heavy load.
And because it’s short you can use a bumbag or waistpack. While it was great for the off-road Cambodia trip I reckon it would be a handy item for road riding too.
– Tony ‘Carnage’ Penfold

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