Etihad Stadium transformed for Speedway Grand Prix

ETIHAD Stadium is currently packed with speedway fans watching this afternoon’s practice session of the World Speedway Grand Prix.


Riders are working on their setup for the track, which is used as a football stadium on any other day of the week.

Phillip Grubb said the facility has made an incredible transformation, with 5000 tonnes of dirt being laid to create the Grand Prix circuit, but he is more impressed by the sound of the single cylinder engines roaring around the fully enclosed venue.

“F#$in’ jeezus christ don’t they go,” Mr. Grubb said.

“They are coming out three or four at a time, doing a few laps then making a few changes.”

“(Nikki) Pedersen is experimenting on a few different lines.

“He just came past us on turn one along the fence, it was the best thing I’ve ever seen.”

Australians Chris Holder, Max Fricke and Sam Masters have been out on the surface so far but Mr. Grubb is still waiting for Jason Doyle to come out.

The Melbourne event will determine both world speedway champion plus obviously the winner of the Australian event.

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