Motorcycle Gear

Airoh helmets Downunder

It’s taken many years, but Moto National has now secured the rights to distribute Airoh in Australia, and will be rolling out a huge range of the high-profile Italian brand’s models starting now. […]

Jackets & Pants

Segura Nomad Jacket – A French classic

The Segura Nomad jacket is a great option when it comes down to choosing safety gear for casual riders. It’s not about the type of bike you ride, but more a case of not wanting […]

Motorcycle Gear

A tyre changer for the rest of us

MANY years ago I worked in a bike shop, where I learnt how to use a tyre changing machine – which ran on electricity and compressed air, and cost many thousands of dollars. […]


Sixty2 Scrambler test | Ducati

The Scrambler range hangs its hook on fun performance and impressive looks which are androgynous, adventurous and expressive, appearing intent on capturing the new and ever-growing younger and female markets. Does this mean Ducati’s Sixty2 Scrambler has only been produced to smell like teen spirit? Or, is it something more? […]

Motorcycle Gear

Touratech’s Modular Enduro Lid

TOURATECH’S AVENTURO Mod modular helmet is for the discerning adventure rider – whether for a quick chat on the road, to take a photo, or at a fuel stop – helmets with a flip-up face section are convenient and especially popular with glasses wearers. […]


Five years in Formas

I WAS a little shocked to discover the Forma Adventure boots we have are now over five years old, still in good nick and still great to wear for Adventure riding. […]

Motorcycle Gear

Anti-Gravity Battery for TE450

When the standard battery in Cycle Torque Husqvarna TE450 failed, it was a pretty easy choice of replacement – a lightweight lithium Anti-Gravity Battery. […]