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Yamaha has a celebration of its WR250R and WR250X, BMW has announced a slew of Adventure events and Ducati now has a training program for Multistrada and Srambler riders.


RideADV head honcho Greg ‘Giant G’ Yager has organised the first WR250R/X Rally at Cessnock Showgrounds in the NSW Hunter Valley, May 26-28.

Yager completed an unsupported double Simpson Crossing on a WR250R and now he’s orgainsed the WR250R/X Rally with the help of Yamaha and bLU cRU.

The weekend will include one adventure/trail ride for WR250R riders on Sat and another on Sun and two road rides for X owners at the same time. All four rides will be lead and swept by RideADV team members.

Friday and Saturday night will feature industry workshops and guest speakers from all RideADV supporters including Yamaha Australia, Adventure Moto (luggage, riding gear, safety equipment and more), Teknik Motorsport (suspension), Barkbuster Rideworx, Link International talking Pirelli and Yager discussing RideADV, the ADV Australian development of the WRR, Simpson crossings and much more.

• Best overall WR of the Rally
• Best WRR
• Best WRX
• Best Adv Setup WRR
• Most bling on WRR and X
• Highest mileage WRR or X
• Furthest travelled to the ride

Camping and caravans spots will be available on site, pub and motel style accommodation within walking distance. Event sign in will open at 3pm on Friday 26 May.

Cost to join either rides is $180.00 inc GST. Register here or contact Greg Yager on 0499 089715 or email for more information.



BMW is heading for the top-end this year with the GS Safari, the West Coast with a GS/TS Safari and there’s a new program, GS Tours by GS Safari, running smaller more regular events.

The 2017 GS SAFARI ENDURO – CAPE YORK, QUEENSLAND, August 5-12, will take participants from Cairns to to the Cape and back.

The trip to this very remote tip of Australia provides sensational scenery and an adventurous riding experience.

The GS Safari last visited Cape York in 2006 and this year’s bucket list adventure is already heavily booked, so get in quick if you’re interested.

The 2017 GS/TS SAFARI – PERTH, WESTERN AUSTRALIA, October 9-13, will be the first time the BMW Safari has made it to WA with a tandem GS and TS Safari – a similar programme to the original BMW Safaris – with TS riders on the road and GS riders taking to the dirt.

The two groups congregate overnight for evening festivities; a time to share experiences, learnings and daily Safari highlights.

Bookings open Tuesday 20 June.

To satisfy demand and provide more intimate events for new riders, BMW Safari will be running a series of smaller adventure rides throughout 2017.

These events will be run under the name ‘GS Tours, by BMW Safari’.

In conjunction with the GS Tours by BMW Safari, a new initiative called the ‘Bring a Buddy programme’ has been launched to introduce new riders to the adventure scene.

A GS rider can now bring a buddy friend, even if they ride another brand.

GS Tour participation will be capped for a smaller number of riders and tour support will be provided in typical BMW Safari style.

Dates include Mt Seaview NSW in Late May and a Simpson Desert Crossing (with the Finke race) in June.

More information at



Ducati Australia has announced the D-A-R-E program powered by Motor School. A rider training and rider experience program developed to enhance the off-road riding experience of Ducati owners.

Geared essentially to the adventurer and explorer, the program boasts two levels of training to ensure riders have the adequate skills to master their Ducati in a variety of terrain.

The program is designed to assist owner’s progress from a basic level of riding skill, to a level of competency and confidence that after Level 1 they are equipped to start building on their skills base to gain a true relationship with their machine.

Level 1 covers the basics including understanding the electronics of their chosen Ducati, bike setup, balance, clutch/throttle/brake control, ascents and descents and hill starts.

Level 2 moves on to more advanced techniques and prepares riders for longer expeditions.

There’s unsealed surface training and the degree of difficulty will rise during the day.

The program covers packing and maintaining the bike on long treks and a variety of tips relevant to adventure bike touring on a Ducati.

The program is offered in QLD, NSW and Victoria, where a range of DUCATI motorcycles will be available for use on the programs.

An additional feature to be launched are the D-A-R-E expeditions, which allows owners to test their skills in real world riding situations whilst appreciating some of the amazing country on offer.

D-A-R-E will offer treks ranging from 2 days to 10 days with an annual expedition.

The expeditions will be fully supported, with a support truck to cater to all of the expedition’s needs.

The D-A-R-E program is powered by Motor School, a registered training organisation with over 23 years industry experience.

Director of Motor School George Foessel comes to the program with an impressive resume in the field of motorcycle training.

Conact D-A-R-E or check out the website for more information.

1300 01 DARE (3273)

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