2017 Helmet Review VIDEO – Airoh’s top touring lid

Airoh is a new helmet manufacturer to the Australian market thanks to helmet laws which were changed to make more sense, midway through 2016.

The ST701 is Airoh’s full-face sports touring helmet, and it’s great.

The first thing you notice when you pick one up is how light it is – the outer shell is made from carbon fibre and I really like the fit too. It weighs 1500 grams which is about standard for helmet with a built-in visor. Holding it in my hands and when it’s on my head, it really doesn’t feel that heavy…

The other thing I really like is the vent system. On the bike it’s great there’s no mucking around. Flip the chin vent down to open it. The forehead and exhaust vents slide back to open.
I’m not a big fan of sliding vents because it’s harder to tell if they are open or closed…

Off the bike I found the chin vent to have a few sharp edges if it’s left open which I wasn’t a huge fan of but it gets a pass because its so simple and effective while riding and gloves negate the sharpness.

The Airoh ST701 is made from an eps inner shell shell which has quad density. The helmet is available in two different shell sizes and the liner is fully removable and washable.

More and more sports touring helmets are starting to come with internal tinted visors and the ST701 is no different.

This is one of the first times I’ve used an internal visor on a full face helmet and I found it great for touring in mixed weather conditions. If you don’t like using the internal visor there’s also a slot so you can wear your glasses or sunnies, which I found myself still wearing on shorter rides.

Airoh provides a chin wind breaker which is really effective and pinlock antifog insert which I am yet to fit.

The other cool feature for you tourers is the Bluetooth comms port, making the ST701 super easy to fit a Bluetooth unit and route/hide the cables neatly within the helmet.

I have put over 1000 kays on this helmet so I’ve all but crash tested it, and I’m pretty impressed.

Like I said the ventilation is great, the aerodynamic design felt quite good especially doing most of those kays touring on a big naked bike without a screen. The inner liner is really comfy, and the size and fit is spot on.

The Airoh ST701 is available in six sizes and more colours than you can poke a stick at.

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