2014 BMW K 1600 GTL Exclusive

BMW is laying claim to class-beating specifications with the new K 1600 GTL Exclusive which include central locking with an anti-theft alarm system, ESA II electronic suspension adjustment, Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) and an innovative new Hill Start Control feature.

A radio antenna embedded in the topbox lid maintains reception quality while enhancing the bikes appearance. The Exclusive model is more luxurious for a pillion, a larger seat providing better comfort over longer distances.

GTL Exclusive Transponder Key.BMW is opting for a Keyless Ride system on the new GTL. The steering lock, ignition, fuel cap and central locking are controlled by a central unit, allowing it to remain in the pocket of the rider. This is a first for a BMW motorcycle.

Not to be confused with a parking brake, the Hill Start Control function allows the rider to remain at a stop on uphill slopes with the engine running, automatically releasing after pulling away on the 360 kilogram unladen machine in first or second gear.

BMW K 1600 GTL Exclusive.Other highlights include new features such as more functional and legible instrumentation scales, LED daytime running lights compliment the adaptive xenon headlight and LED auxiliary headlights; the audio system is prepared for an optional navigation device (Navigator V) which is compatible with iPod, MP3, USB and Bluetooth.

The BMW 1600 GTL Exclusive is powered by a 160hp in-line six-cylinder engine, available in a four-coat paint finish. Available to Australia in 2014, price yet to be confirmed.

– Ryan Grubb


  1. The GTL Exclusive looks great and the specs seem impressive at least to those living outside of Australia.

    Eighty percent of the Exclusive features we in Australia enjoy as standard on the ordinary GTL.

    It will be interesting to see how the GTL Exclusive shapes up considering we already pay $10,000.00 more for a standard GTL than our American riders.

    I am just glad I no longer live in NZ where they pay nearly $10,000.00 more than us. Damned if I know how that works

  2. I’m on the fortunate few to be the owner of one. As far as I’m concerned it is a near perfect match for my style of riding. Positives include : near complete list of touring features with almost electronic everything, plenty of power being only just short of sports bike performance, excellent handling, steering and stability at touring speeds, and good touring range, not to mention its striking appearance. Negatives include: ponderous at parking speeds (need to be extremely careful on lateral slopes when stationary), should have included Navigator V sat-nav in the package, steep price (single handedly paid off the German war debt). Overall a fantastic motorcycle which I like more and more each time I go for a ride.

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