Vortex Handlebars – Lighter, stronger and better-looking

JUNIOR motocross bikes like our Honda CRF150R project machine are thousands of dollars cheaper than bikes deigned for adults, and the cost savings have to come from somewhere – which could be one reason Honda still supply heavy, easier to bend steel handlebars.

For years riders switched out the steel ’bars for lighter, stronger alloy units, and that’s exactly what we’re doing with the Cycle Torque CRF150R project bike, fitting a set of Vortex alloy handlebars. Instead of waiting for the first bike crash, we decided to switch out the steel ’bars before they were bent.

With the Vortex ’bars less likely to bend, it’s less likely we’ll need to to running repairs at the track when our project bike rider Damien does have that first, inevitable, Big Off.

And in the unlikely event that he does manage to bend the Vortex ’bars, we’ll have the old ’bars in the Cycle Torque Renault van to bolt in place so he can keep riding.

Vortex has a variety of bends in standard and Fat Bar styles, to suit all motocross machines.
We’ve chosen the MX Low in Black, which looks very stealthy and fast.

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