Vespa GTS arrives in 125, 150 and 300cc models

Scooter sales have been in decline for a few years, which doesn’t really make sense to us, because they’re still a great form of transportation and provide lots of city fun for the right person.

Vespa has announced its GTS family of scooters have now arrived in Australia and it’s making the selling points of owning a scooter even better.

Three new bikes are available: GTS 125, 150 and 300 and their updates are in line to what we’ve come to expect from the big bikes, plus there are a few new features to make them even more enticing.

The i-get engine which features in the GTS 125 and 150 is the most advanced from the iconic Italian marque, there’s liquid cooling, electronic fuel injection, four-valve efficiency plus a new ‘Start and Stop’ system.

Vespa GTS 150

The Start and Stop system does away with a starter motor, it’s replaced by a brushless electric unit installed directly on the crankshaft, which will improve fuel efficiency (already very good).

You see some MotoGP bikes being started in a similar way, with a portable unit…

The 300cc variant receives a Quasar engine with four-valve timing and EFI, and get this, traction control!

All bikes will feature two-stage ABS, making them safe to operate.

The GTS line also has creature comforts – a remote saddle opener, USB port, daylight running lights, digital instrumentation and a ‘Bike Finder’ function which activates the indicators.

The finder function might not be as big a selling point in Australia, but in places like Europe and Asia where scooters are extremely common, finding your ride can be difficult!

The Vespa GTS family is available in a range of colours: Nero Vulcano (Black), Rosso Matt (Red), Monte Bianco (white), Verde Speranza (green) on GTS125 and 150; and Monte Bianco (white), Grigio Titanio (grey), Verde Speranza (green), Giallo Gelosia (yellow) on the GTS 300.

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