Used and Reviewed – Versatile Ventura Motorcycle Luggage

I fitted the Ventura Rally-Euro Bike-pack to the Cycle Torque Yamaha FZ6-R project bike in about half an hour and have been using it daily for the past six weeks or so.


My daily commute usually involves riding to uni in the morning, then heading into the Cycle Torque for a few hours, then off to work again at a little bar in Newcastle East – a sometimes 14-hour day. Doing this before fitting the Ventura luggage system meant thinking about the day’s weather conditions, either wearing clothes that isn’t really suitable to ride in, carrying a backpack that’s overweight and stuffed to the brim or worse yet, driving.


The Ventura Rally-Euro Bike-pack expands from a 44 to 56-litre capacity, so it has no trouble fitting some wet weather gear, a pair of shoes, shirt and jeans along with my backpack and there’s still room to spare in the main compartment, plus theres two side compartments and another one at the front – perfect for the twist and go tyre puncture repair system, a helmet lock, a disc lock, earplugs, etc.
The pack is kept in place by two quick release buckles and the zips are covered by the piped heavy duty fabric material which is waterproof, but the stitching and zips aren’t. In saying that, my stuff stayed dry during the mild to medium wet weather conditions I had ridden in so there are no complaints. For the heavier stuff, there’s Ventura shower caps that fits over the luggage and stops the bags from getting wet.
We’ve also been sent a new suction cap tank bag and seat bag from Ventura and they require no modification, just slap them on and away you go. The tank bag is assured by a slipknot strap that locks the back to the handlebars and the seat bag is kept in place by two straps around the seat and four quick release buckles. This has turned the FZ6-R into quite a fun little super-sports tourer.
Ventura touring kits are available for most makes and models, either head in to your local Ventura stockist, check out Ventura online or give Kenma a call on 02 9484 0777.


– Ryan Grubb


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