The eyes have it – 7 Eye by Panoptx

ONE of the challenges facing rider comfort is finding decent, good fitting sunglasses. It’s even harder if you need a prescription. Goggleman does both.

The company is the exclusive importer for 7 Eye by Panoptx. The AirShield models all feature a complete seal for when your eyes need protection from sun, wind, dust and dirt and pollens.

Filtered vents allow just the right amount of airflow. Removable, washable and replaceable, AirShield is armour for your eyes and can be worn as a normal pair of sunnies while you’re not riding.

Being specifically designed to be worn inside motorbike helmet they feature some design elements that normal sunglass don’t incorporate. Flatter arm design is incorporated to ensure comfort and eliminate ‘train tracks’ down the side of your head.

A variety of lens options are available in prescription and non-prescription, including Transition and 24/7 photochromatic so they can be worn during the day or night – without stopping.

All lenses are polycarbonate to ensure safety as it’s rated as high impact resistant.

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