Kawasaki KX85

KAWASAKI’S 2014 KX85 is the latest in a long line of race-winning green minibikes which have been used by innumerable racers to launch successful amateur and professional careers. […]


Kawasaki KX450F

THERE is one big noticeable thing about the Kawasaki KX450F, its horsepower. It’s right at the pointy end of the pack when it comes to churning up the soil and punching the rider forwards. […]



THE KTM 250SX is the revelation of the MX2 class here in Australia and in 2014 Brenden Harrison, Kale Makeham and Dean Porter will be looking to put the power of the mighty two-stroke to the ground in the hope of topping a field full of four strokes in the MX Nationals and Australian Supercross Championship. […]


Honda CB500X

NORMALLY a rider of my demographic would probably be more interested in a sporty LAMS bike than an adventure tourer based one. Is it so much about style at my age (20) than it is about the bike’s actual ability? I guess it is for many. […]

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Yamaha R6

IT’S long been known around the racetracks that Yamaha’s R6 was the go-to middleweight bike if you wanted to go quicker on the track. […]

Motorcycle Reviews

Ducati 899 Panigale

I’LL say right here and now that the 899 Panigale is my new favourite Ducati. I’m the first to admit I’m a bit of a Ducati fan, currently owning three of them, but that doesn’t mean I think every Ducati ever built is a great bike. […]