Jackets & Pants

Segura Nomad Jacket – A French classic

The Segura Nomad jacket is a great option when it comes down to choosing safety gear for casual riders. It’s not about the type of bike you ride, but more a case of not wanting […]

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Freedom GT boots by AXO

I’ve worn AXO’s Freedom GT in a number of different styles of riding recently. Firstly I inadvertently grabbed them for an adventure bike launch and although I realised my mistake I had no choice but to wear them. […]

Motorcycle Gear

Harley Davidson Classic style shirts

HARLEY-Davidson has some great new shirts out just in time for winter. Check out the Genuine Classics Long Sleeve Tee which is 100 per cent cotton with an Allover garment wash, raglan sleeves and an embroidered graphics on the front. […]

Motorcycle Gear

Vortex Handlebars – Lighter, stronger and better-looking

JUNIOR motocross bikes like our Honda CRF150R project machine are thousands of dollars cheaper than bikes deigned for adults, and the cost savings have to come from somewhere – which could be one reason Honda still supply heavy, easier to bend steel handlebars. […]

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Motorcycle Gear

Twist and Go roadside repair kits

THESE handy roadside repair kits for tubeless tyres use Cargol style plugs that you screw into the tyre and comes with several mini gas canisters so you can be on your way quick-smart. […]