Success & Failure

Day 14

Due to the weather the Superstock 1000 race was postponed to today. It was then delayed due to a big crash on the circuit before the roads were closed. I can’t believe how dangerous some of these spectators ride. On the mountain you MUST look in your mirrors as there are lunatics on bikes passing you at big speeds.

I had qualified 46th from my starting number of 81 so I was pumped to go well. We did have issues with the fuel pump during practice and they would come back to haunt us. As I came up to Cronk Y Voddy straight the bike cut out. I knew what it was and I just had to roll to a stop. I didn’t even complete half a lap.

I was gutted I can tell you but what can you do. The team came out to pick me up so I got back in a reasonable time.

After that it was off down the promenade with friends and all was going well until I heard that Karl Harris passed away at Joey’s Corner. This did upset me quite a bit, I was talking to him at his caravan earlier that morning. He was a nice bloke. Not much else to say about that.

As I write this I’m 30 minutes away from starting the second Supersport race.

Day 15

Second Supersport race went well. When the engine blew in race one we replaced it with a standard engine out of a road bike, so power was down by around about 18hp.

I started 61st on the road and my mate Dom from Newcastle in the UK started one spot behind. He caught me on the road and we both got past a couple of other riders during the race. Dom’s bike was faster and he could pull away from me in the straights but I had a good time trying to keep up with him.

It was misty over the mountain and visibility was very poor in spots. You just have to hold it on and hope everything is OK. You could just see the red taillight on the bike in front, so that was a bit of a help.

Everything went to plan really. The pit stop went well. There was a massive fire when a race bike caught fire in pit lane during the fuel stop, which affected some guys (they had their times amended) but by the time I came in it was sorted.

It was fantastic to finish the race. My fastest time was over 115mph, and I finished in 39th place. Got a Bronze replica too.

The team was over the moon, and so was I.

Fellow Aussie David Johnson broke down and Josh Brookes had a coming together with Lee Johnston from Northern Ireland at Creg Ny Baa, both of them crashing out but with only minor injuries.

There was supposed to be the second sidecar race and another practice for me today but due to bad weather conditions this has been postponed until tomorrow.

Hopefully the weather will be kind to us.

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