Bio photo 2015

In his third and hopefully final year of a Communication Degree at the University of Newcastle, majoring in Media Production, there’s a good chance if Ryan hasn’t been there and done that, he’s going there and doing it.


His first foray into the creative endeavours started at the ripe old age of six, finding a guitar under the Christmas tree not long after he heard Apache by The Shadows for the very first time. By the time he was in his 20’s, Ryan had enjoyed moderate success performing in live music venues around the East coast of Australia.


Ryan had also been introduced to Bruce Brown films The Endless Summer and On Any Sunday at an early age, picking up a surfboard soon after watching the films, but was always unsuccessful in getting his parents to cave and let him enter the world of motorcycles.

Ryan’s father is the son of a sailor who just also happened to be an average speedway rider. He spent more time riding in the back of ambulances than on his Hagon Jap. Ryan can recall the constant refusals, his father Phil would cite his poor track record, but would still show Ryan old photos and tell him stories from back in the day. It’s funny, Phil’s old blue and white lightning bolt leathers are still in the shed to this day, as if they are waiting to be worn again and Ryan’s Mayfield Motorcycle Club jumper he wore as a baby now fits his nephew.

Ryan’s first illegitimate ride was aboard an old Postie’ whilst on holidays at Pindimar, New South Wales riding from a bush shack to the little beach checking that the tide was either high enough to go fishing, or low enough to pick oysters off the rocks. Coincidentally, it was also the first time he stepped off it.

Today, Ryan owns an old Kawasaki customised into a street tracker/café racer. It was bought primarily because it looks cool, is cheap to run and gets the best parks out the front of lecture theatres and cafés in the city. Turns out, it looks cool, breaks down on the reg’ and has been parked in the garage for over a year.

Ryan has plans to chuck a surfboard rack on the side of it sometime soon and ride off into the sunset. By now you have probably realised that his idea of sometime soon is probably a lot longer than your idea of sometime soon.