Nigel Paterson founded Cycle Torque with a silent partner back in 1999.

Prior to that he’d been on staff at Two Wheels and the dear-departed REVS.

He’s been riding bikes since his teens. Being from WA, he was allowed to ride a 50c Puch moped to work, graduating to a Yamaha RD250LC at 17.

The Ring-Ding was ridden to death, literally dropping a big-end after it had served time as a courier bike and was the only transport Nigel had. He added an air-cooled RD350 to the stable and got his big-bike licence for it a few months later, aged 18.

Then he went Italian, buying a Moto Guzzi 850 Le Mans III, a bike he wishes he’d (a) Never Bought and (b) Never Sold.

By his early 20s Nigel was racing RZ350s in Formula 2. By 1989 the travel bug had bitten and the Grand Prix was on at Phillip Island, so he sold everything and bought an FZ750 for the two-year sojourn to the Eastern States.

26 years later, he’s still on that trip, now with wife, kids, mortgage and Cycle Torque in tow.

Nigel likes riding the right bike for the right ride, from tiddlers in Vietnam to big Adventure bikes across the desert to sportsbikes on race tracks.

If it’s got two wheels, Nigel will ride it.