Sissis to Mahindra?

The talk around the MotoGP paddock last weekend from an Aussie point of view is the future of Arthur Sissis. Whilst it is common knowledge that he is leaving KTM the question on everyones lips is “where to?”

The hot rumour in the paddock is that Sissis has already signed for the Mahindra Racing team. When quizzed about the move Sissis tellingly did not deny it but would only say “We are definitely talking to them and they are a preferred team but there are others we are talking to”.
Sissis was complimentary about the Mahindra Bike and the team saying that the bike seems to handle well and the team resources are impressive.

When asked if he would have preferred to stay with KTM Sissis said, “The way I look at it everyone wants to ride the KTM because they want to win but there is one kilometer of straight and four kilometers of track and corners. I need a bike that handles really good in the corners. The bike (KTM) is good, don’t get me wrong. It definitely has the engine and it has the speed to go a million miles and hour down the straight but I have been struggling this year with the corners and the front end and I need a bike that handles well. At the moment sometimes we get it right and sometimes we don’t.”

“I want to try something new” said Sissis in regard to his shift from KTM. “If Mahindra say yes then it will most likely be Mahindra. An announcement will be made in Motegi. Whatever happens I will be back in the paddock next year”.

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