Of trout, Ducati and Thunder

Where else in the world can you go to enjoy trout, Ducatis, nice scenery and the company of like minded motorcyclists?

Sheba Dams, Nundle, NSW of course at the 32nd Thunder Rally from October 25 to 27.

Nundle is 40km south of Tamworth so you’ll have lots of fun riding there and, once you arrive, you’ll know you’ve helped a great cause to benefit the Spinal Unit of the Royal Rehabilitation Centre, Sydney.

The 32nd Thunder Rally is sponsored by the Ducati Owners Club of NSW and for more information you can contact Sue Spring on 0404 024 842 or Aunty Mal on 0404 002 427 or visit www.docnsw.org.au or groupspaces.com/thunderrally

And, of course, all motorcyclists are welcome. There will be great raffle prizes including vouchers for bike gear and more.

Ideally organisers would love everyone to come for a ride and have some fun up at the Thunder, but, don’t forget, there is a “non-attendance option” for those who still want to support the Spinal Unit and get their badge, cap & neck buff etc, but just can’t get there. Ride safe, one and all.

2013 A3 Thunder Rally Poster (2)

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